"Blunston Licenses"

Samuel Blunston issued licenses for land West of the Susquehanna River starting 1734 for Thomas Penn.  Samuel Blunston was the Deputy Surveyor and Justice of the Peace living in Lancaster.  These licenses were for remote land were ownership was being disputed by Maryland, Pennsylvania, Germans, Scotch-Irish and the Indians. 

The Blunston Licenses were issued on June 6, 1737 to Peter and Andrew Hairstons.  These licenses were issued for a total of 400 acres on the West side of the Susquehanna River in Pennsylvania.   This land is currently in Franklin County, PA and is about 3 miles southwest of Greencastle, PA and just north of Hagerstown, Maryland.

         "June 6, 1737  Peter Hairstons      200 acres
         On the South side of the South East Branch of the Conegochege."
         "June 6, 1737  Andrew Hairstons  200 acres
         On the South side of the North East Branch of the Conegochege in the fork."
Conecochheague - Indian word for "indeed a long way."..... "seems to refer to some occasion when a party of Indians became impatient of travel"*

It is not clear if Peter and Andrew ever settled this land.  They are not listed on any tax records.


* "Indian Local Names with Their Interpretations" by Stephen G. Boyd, York, PA Published by the author 1835