Hairston Cemetery Lowndes County Mississippi HAIRSTON - Hairston Cemetery - Lowndes County, Mississippi

Hairston Cemetery

Lowndes County, Mississippi

Located east of Crawford, Lowndes Co., Mississippi.

Restored and maintained by Mr. Nick Hairston.


  Buried Here Born-Died  
  Barkley, Rev. Andrew Hannah 1829-1905  
  Barkley, Robert Andrew 1873-1930  
  Barkley, Sarah Alice Hairston 1832-1913  
  Brooks, Sarah Alcy Hairston 1817-1883  
  Brooks, Thomas B. 1816-1860  
  Ervin, Little Sarah No Dates  
  Ervin, Mary Wortley V. 1876-1876  
  Ervin, Sallie Staples Hairston 1852-1904  
  Hairston, Anna Caroline Potts 1849-1911  
  Hairston, Bettie Waller 1863-1892  
  Hairston, Constance 1872-1872  
  Hairston, Constantine 1872-1872  
  Hairston, Elizabeth Perkins Hairston 1809-1859  
  Hairston, Dr. Ernest Joseph 1880-1918  
  Hairston, Ervin N. 1870-1882  
  Hairston, George 1811-1885  
  Hairston, George 1845-1905  
  Hairston, Harden 1786-1862  
    Buried next to Hardin is Davy Hairston, his servant.    
  Hairston, Joab Early 1844-1872  
  Hairston, Kiziah "Kizzie" C. Staples 1836-1875  
  Hairston, Kizzie Staples 1860-1860  
  Hairston, Maria Byram 1860-1860  
  Hairston, Margaret Sommer Potts 1845-1903  
  Hairston, Mary Theodosia 1837-1924  
  Hairston, Mary Watt 1858-1882  
  Hairston, Nannie Montague 1860-1868  
  Hairston, Nicholas Edward 1825-1888  
  Hairston, Dr. Peter Constantine 1823-1889  
  Hairston, Robert Hairston 1783-1852  
  Hairston, Robert Peter 1841-1906  
  Hairston, Sallie Harden 1859-1861  
  Hairston, Sally Stovall Staples 1791-1845  
  Hairston, Sam Henry Early Elizabeth 1835-1916  
  Hairston, Samuel Saunders 1804-1850  
  Hairston, Sommer Elizabeth 1891-1911  
  Hairston, Wortley Virginia Moseley 1831-1902  
  Helm, Thomas B. No Dates  
  Witherspoon, Kezziah Staples Hairston 1881-1909