Peter HAIRSTON Jr. ID#32, b. about 1715, d. before 1782
Father*Peter HAIRSTON b. a 1695
Mother*Agnes "Irish Lady of Rank" (surname unknown)
Birth*Peter HAIRSTON Jr. was born about 1715 in Ireland
He was the son of Peter HAIRSTON and Agnes "Irish Lady of Rank" (surname unknown)
Immigration*Peter HAIRSTON Jr. immigrated about 1728 to Donegal, Chester County (now Lancaster), Pennsylvania, with family from Ireland. 
Property*Peter Hairston and Andrew Hairston (his brother) both recieved a "Blunston" license in 1737 for property in western Pennsylvania, but it is not known if they ever lived there. Samuel Blunston issued licenses for land West of the Susquehanna River starting 1734 for Thomas Penn. Samuel Blunston was the Deputy Surveyor and Justice of the Peace living in Lancaster. These licenses were for remote land were ownership was being disputed by Maryland, Pennsylvania, Germans, Scotch-Irish and the Indians.

The Blunston Licenses were issued on June 6, 1737 to Peter and Andrew Hairstons. These licenses were issued for a total of 400 acres on the West side of the Susquehanna River in Pennsylvania. This land is currently in Franklin County, PA and is about 3 miles southwest of Greencastle, PA and just north of Hagerstown, Maryland.

"June 6, 1737 Peter Hairstons 200 acres
On the South side of the South East Branch of the Conegochege."

"June 6, 1737 Andrew Hairstons 200 acres
On the South side of the North East Branch of the Conegochege in the fork."

Conecochheague - Indian word for "indeed a long way......seems to refer to some occasion when a party of Indians became impatient of travel" 1

It is not clear if Peter and Andrew ever settled this land.1,2 
Travel*Sometime around 1739, Peter and family moved from Pennsylvania along the Great Wagon Road thru Wood's Gap (now Jarmin Gap) into Goochland County, Virginia. 
Marriage*He married Agnes (surname unknown) about 1740. Her name Agnes is listed in the 1762 deed for the sale of the North Garden land.3,4,5 
Court Record*December 1743 Goochland County, Virginia - Robinson vs Hearstone. " In the Action of trespass on the Case betweeen James Robinson Plt. and Peter Hearstone Deft. the Deft. failing to appear on the motion of teh Plt. it ordered that an Alias Capias do issue agt. the Deft. returnable to the next Court." Goochland County Court Order Book, page 331.6 
County Change*1744 - Albemarle County formed from Goochland County. 
Court RecordMarch 1744 Goochland County, Virginia - Robinson vs. Hearstone. The Action of Trespass on the case between James Robinson (Plantiff) & Peter Hearstone (Defendant) is dismissed with no prosecution. Goochland County Court Order Book 5, page 380.6 
PropertyPeter Hairstone acquired a patent for 250 acres in the "North Garden" of Goochland County, Virginia next to land owned by Robert Lewis. Robert Lewis was the grandfather of Meriwether Lewis of the Lewis & Clark Expedition. Thomas Jefferson was also born nearby, close to the Rivanna River in 1743.
This area was in Albemarle County when the patent was recorded, therefore the survey had been done prior to 1744 when Albemarle County was formed from Goochland County. Source: Land Office Patents No. 25, 1745-1747, p. 528 (Reel 23). Library of Virginia.7,8
Property28 April 1752 Albemarle County, Virginia - John Bays has survey of 90 acres joining Peter Hairstone, Robert Lewis, William Brannum (Bramham) and Thomas Evans. 2 June 1752, page 220.9 
Property14 August 1760 Albemarle County, Virginia - John Lankford Jr. has a survey of 148 acres joining Peter Hairston, John Lankford Sr., Thomas Evans and Ben Wheeler. 14 August 1760, page 51.9 
Property15 August 1760 Albemarle County, Virginia - West Lankford has a survey of 175 acres joining Peter Hairston, Jacob Watts, Sam Arnold and John Lankford. 15 August 1760, page 54.9 
ImmigrationPeter HAIRSTON Jr. immigrated after 1762 to Abbeville County, South Carolina; About 1762 or 1763, Peter Hairston Jr. and family moved from North Garden, Goochland County, Virginia to Abbeville District, South Carolina.4,5 
PropertyPeter Hairstone and his wife Agnes sell 250 acres in the North Garden of Goochland County to Joseph Dawson of Amherst County. This is the land next to Robert Lewis. P.242.5 
Death*Peter probably died before 1782. Abbeville County, SC was formed from District 96 in 1782 and wills were not recorded before then. He is not mentioned in his brothers Samuel, Andrew or Robert's will. 


Agnes (surname unknown)
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